Feeling really sad. I used to be an oversupply as I don't latch at all for my first born. Now I'm latching my second born and I can't seem to respond to the pump. Output even though no latch no pump for 5 hours plus output only 20ml, baby is 1 mth old. Breasts feel empty and very soft too. Very worried I can't sustain my supply when I go back to work next yr.

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How's your baby's weight gain and urine output? If it's ok, means you do have milk supply but an issue with pumping? Check that the mechanical pump is still working well if you are using your pump from the days of your first child, or even change the pump. Given that your child is only 1 month old, I'll focus more on latching to get the milk to come in. Remember to latch at night as well as that's when milk production is the highest. The link below may help you. http://kellymom.com/hot-topics/pumping_decrease/

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6y ago

hi Yvonne thanks! baby's peeing and pooing. weight I duno cus didn't weigh..nxt appt is next week..jus worried when I go back work how to pump enough for baby when he goes to infant care..

Try a different pump and drink more water. You should also try power pumping. I recommend using the spectra

6y ago

thanks Regina. yup I'm using spectra s1..and did power pumping too but no use..