Do you feel obliged to give gifts to your godchildren for every important occassions like birthdays, christmas, moving up/graduation?

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Not really obliged. Iba na kasi when you say obliged e. It's like you're there as a godparent for the gift during special occasions. With my kids kasi, they never as in NEVER received any gifts from their godparents after the baptism. At first, I felt bad kasi parang bakit naman sila ganun to think super close friends ko pa ung godparents. But eventually, I learned to accept that you can't really rely on gifts. Godparents are there to guide and help you out with the children if you ever need their help.

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It's not really an obligation, but the moment you saw those children's faces after you give is priceless. Ang sarap sa pakiramdam witnessing how happy they are after receiving. And note: gifts shouldn't only mean materials! Your time and affection too, means a lot to them though they aren't ur own children. Show them you care and let them feel they matter to you like ur own.

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For me, yes during Christmas and birthdays, but not so much during other ocassions. Christmas is the time of gift-giving, they say. And even though this meant not only material things, let's face the fact that kids love receiving gifts. Aside from being there emotionally and spiritually, it's good to let them feel happy with the gifts they receive

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For me yes. But during Christmas only. Altough, whenever my godchildren reach highschool, I stop giving them gifts because I believe that they should be preparing themselves for the real world where they have to work and save first before they can buy the things that they want.

I usually give gifts on Christmas and birthday. If my godchild lives near me, I also give graduation gift. For godchildren whom I seldom see, I buy something even if there's no occasion.

Not really. Ayoko din kasi to give out of obligation. I'd rather give kasi talagang i want to show appreciation and to let them know i remember them.

Nope :) its what your heart speaks . If you want to give just give even with or without occasion .