Have you experienced that when you try to give vitamin (iron) to your he always feel like vomiting always?

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Me! When I gave iron supplement to my daughter when she was maybe 6-7mons (pardon my dull memory, 'mum brains' LOL) it was such a struggle that I gave up after 3 days of trying. It was like nonsense for me as I myself knows that the taste is a torture to the pallete. I asked her pedia, who was also the one who recommended it, if I can stop it and she allowed. She just made sure I give Multivitamins to my baby.

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I did but what I gave my son is not Vitamins but it's Iron Supplemwnt when he got gastroenteritis. My pedia said it really does not taste good so she allowed us to mix it with fruit juices. And I guess that is the main reason why kids vomit when they drink it. Plainly because of the taste. But if it worries you too much, it is best you see the Pedia as it may be something else. :)

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6y ago

Thanks you so much. I will visit our pedia this week and I will raise this concern. For now I stopped giving my son Iron. Because he always vomit. Im so worried.