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Any feedback on my first school. Am deciding to enroll LO to pre school when he turns 18months. How many students will be there per class?

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Best to go down personally and get more info

ECDA has a standard teacher to student ratio but different centres have their own ratio depending on the number of teachers/students they have. It's advisable for you to tour the school and see if its according to what youre looking for.

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According to ECDA the teacher child ratio for a playgroup class is 1:8. However it depends on the centre so best to go down and enquire personally.

Hey, I think all schools have different capacities. I would suggest go for the different school tours. This will help you in deciding

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Every school different. According to ecda ratio for toddlers is 1:8.. Should not have more than 8 children if there is only 1 teacher in class.

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I think every school is different. Go for the school tour, they will share on that.