Car seat for new born in singapore for taxi ?

We are expats living in Singapore and expecting our first baby, and usually take grab for our commute. Just wondering if you purchase your own car seat for taxis ? If yes, what are the good car seat brands in Singapore which fits in most cars ? Thanks in advance 🙏🏼

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Hi there! Congratulations on your first baby! Recently restrictions have been tightened and rightfully so. Car safety, in my opinion, has long been sidelined here and it is so important to keep baby safe in any vehicle. I know that Taxi Baby Co has some pretty neat stuff for parents on the move. And I think you get a discount when you quote a code off some of the grab ride vehicles but I can’t remember if the promotion is still valid. Here’s the link to their website: So we had a maxi cosi when our boys were babies. I feel it helps when you have a baby car seat which is compatible with your stroller because baby can stay asleep while you move her from the stroller into the Grab. A lot of the Grab cars are relatively new so they do come with the Isofix system. However, they are old models of cars that don’t too. The regular Grab service insists that you have a car seat. Taxis don’t mandate it so you can hop into a taxi without a car seat. The Grab family option provides car seats but not for infants. I personally don’t favour the Doona because for the price you pay, it doesn’t grow with your child and you end up paying for another stroller within the year as your child grows. Others may say that having baby in a carrier is enough but that doesn’t ensure safety as you might already know. When our children got older, the tough part is the in between where they can’t quite fit in a car seat and the maxi cosi anymore. But when they get tall enough, the Ride Safer and Mifold options were godsends. I hope this helps.

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Normal taxi, like comfort delgro, don’t require car seat. Grab does. However, u can also hire grab family cars, they come with car seat. Just options if u don’t want to buy your own car seat

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Doona is good. Though abit on the pricey side. Saw other expats use this brand also. Very convenient. Good for newborn. 👍

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Don’t think it’s necessary here in Singapore as Singapore is a relatively small country. Travelling time is not that long. :)

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its not about how far you’re travelling to determine if a car seat is required for a child.

doona. it folds as a car seat and expands as a stroller. if you take grab, you’ll need a car seat for the baby.

Grab family usually provide car seat , but for hygiene purpose , u can buy your own

Hi, You can try ordering Grab family car as they have car seat

I think you can consider this ( Stroller + car seat )

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when baby is older 9months+, can try urban kanga.