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Breast milk supply

hi everyone when I latch on my LO (4 months old), she has no issues and is pooping and passing urine normally (about 6-8 soiled diapers a day) however when I try to pump out my supply (using spectra) is very low. Sometimes less than 20ml for 15-20 mins. anyone experiencing the same issue?
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When do u pump? Just you latch your baby? If yes, that is the reason why you have so little output as your baby had drank it. If no, which mean the earlier feed is 3 hours ago and it could be the breast doesn't respond much to the breastpump. Hence u probably need to massage your breast, think of your baby and try to stimulate let down during pumping.
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Hi, maybe you could try to eat some barley drink and keep yourself hydrated. Don't be stress about pumping your milk as Stress is the first killer on breastmilk supply. I'm very stressed when I not enough milk for my baby to bring to infant care.. although I'm keep expressing my milk in my office but the supply still low. Some how, after I apply dōTerra Geranium oils, my milk increase. You could try the oils. Anyway, not everyone will react the same on the oils ... So, if you intend to enroll your baby into infant care and your milk is not enough, maybe you could consider to try some formula milk.. request some sample to try before buy the whole big tin. Baby needs time to adjust themselves on switching milk as their taste buds are very sensitive. I had a hard time when switching milk and baby refused to drink it at infant care. Not easy for teachers, baby and yourself. Hope this helps! Stay positive and Jia you mommy!! :)
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Try manual pump. My right boob responds better to manual rather than spectra, although still not as much vs the other one. I can make 40ml for 15mins pump on my right while left can go to 80-100ml.
1y ago
I see. Thanks. Will try!
hm.. shld have more yield in my opinion.. pee colour ok?
1y ago
Yes, pee colour is okay. yellowish to colourish most times
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