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Hi everyone, sorry for this question. Does anyone of you here do have anxiety disorder and panic attack? What are the symptoms that u have and how do you manage it? Mind sharing with me if anyone do have it. Tysm❤

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Yes me! This is gonna be a long post. There are 6 types of anxiety disorder. Each has different symptoms. For my case is panic & general anxiety disorder. General anxiety disorder is excessive worrying. I worry about alot of things & things that I shouldn't worry about. Basically, my mind cannot shut and is working 24/7 worrying. I worry about what people are gonna said about me. That kind of stuff. And I am anxious about everything. Symptoms include fatigue, trouble sleeping or basically insomnia, irritablility, restless, muscle tension, etc. For the above, I was given some pills to help ease my muscles and make me have a good night sleep. Really helps me but the side effects made me more fatigue so I stopped taking like 4 yrs ago as I don't want to really depend on medicine so I try to control my emotions. Panic attack is fear. I have recurrent unexpected panic attacks that will come & go at any time & any minute. My symptoms are always - sweating excessively, trembling, fear, pounding heartbeat & I always feel like I am going to die whenever I have the attack cos it made me feel like I'm choking & can't breath. I even had an episode of panic attack at A&E, in public. Many times at home. You just can't control yourself. My husband had to calm me down. His hug always calmed me down. Like he's reassuring me everything is okay and that he is always with me. I will always try to make myself busy and happy. I will watch comedies, have some nap, take a walk, go for sight seeing. I love nature. Makes me happy and calm. You can also listen to calming music. It's been some time that I had a panic attack. Now that I am pregnant, I really hope I won't have a recurrent attack. If you have any of the anxiety disorder, do seek professional help quick. Tell them what and how you feel.

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Hello! Thank you so much for the long post❤. I appreciate it alot. Be strong and take good care of urself as you are pregnant now. Sorry for asking, how long u have been having this and from where/who you seek help from?

I’m been diagnosed with panic disorder 4yrs ago and has been on long term meds to help with sleeping n Benzo for Acute attacks. Now at 25weeks and both OB n pych docs been observing the dosages as mine is considered low to mild. There’s an increase in panic episodes during this period of pregnancy causes by the hormonal changes but just have to tide over with it rather than depending solely on benzo. If u think u are either panic or anxiety disorder, my advise is that to approach the docs immediately. There’s help n drugs to help u tide over such episodes n pregnancy should be less stressed overall!

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