Symptoms of constipation & abdomen pain

Hi everyone. Recently, i did a pregnancy self test and it is positive. Due to a past miscarriage experience which happened few months ago, i am worried about this pregnancy. So i fixed an appointment with my gynae although the date is less than 8 weeks since i missed my period. Then i started to have constipation and pain at my abdomen region. Is it a cause for concern? Should i push forward my gynae appointment? Some female friends told me they could be symptoms of ectopic pregnancy. So i am very worried.

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If u see the gynae too early u might not be able to see anything on the ultrasound. 4-5weeks is only a tiny dot, but if u really want to do it, still can la. At week 6, it's a small lil "prawn". Anyway if it bothers u so much u can always walk in to KKH 24hrs O&g clinic at B1 or TMC emergency to check. They have ultrasound equipments there.

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Anyway now that i am pregnant, i got very bad constipation and gynae prescribed me Lactulose. This can be found in any retail pharmacy. But my vip don't like it recently ...makes me puke now. So i am taking probiotics (10-20billion CFU) instead.

11mo ago

My poo can be stuck for 2-4days that kind. I can't even burp or fart. As i get bigger the bloating gassy stuck up feel is more uncomfortable with my growing tummy too. So gynae also prescribed me Enema but i try not to use it because i don't want to be reliant on laxative. Gynae advised me against fiber drinks but says probiotics is safe. So now i am taking probiotics daily and if need be, i will use Enema. Hope u get better too.

How many days you have not passing motion? Constipation may cause abdominal pain also.. The location of Colon and uterus are near too.. The pain can be due to constipation if this issue is not resolved

11mo ago

Thank you for the advice. I will check on lactulose.