Hello everyone im Maricel Sullano im single mom of one girl.. Coz my 1 child stay at her father side.. A boy.. Im looking for a help coz the father of my daughter did not give a sustent by my daughter.. Im so poor now.. As a minimum wigde 386 /day did not enough to us.. We have rented a house it Costs 1800/ month. But i try my very best to feed &support my everyday expenses but its so hard coz not all d time i have a money.. Im always Cried every night &day.. Now im looking for help. Every month even small amount to feed & support my daughter.. Im seeking for help guys. My daughter age is 16years old.. Den me im already 37years old seeking for asian parents to help plss

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Hugs, mommy. Try niyo po sa tesda. May job vacancies po doon, pati na rin training