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Hi everyone I am new here in this app. I would like to ask some question regarding on how to make my baby in my womb get bigger. I'm in my 28 weeks and 3 days but it looks like I'm on my 20 weeks cause my tummy is a lil bit smaller so it doesn't look like I'm 7 months pregnant. Can you please recommend me some foods to eat or some advices that can help my baby bigger. Thank you and God bless ?

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What did your OB tell you po? Based on ultrasound ba, is your baby okay? Is your baby's weight and size appropriate to his gestational age? If it is, there's nothing much to worry about unless your OB tells you so. Otherwise if it's not appropriate then your OB will recommend something for you. :) By the way, do you drink maternal milks like Anmum? It makes your baby bigger as far as I know that's why my OB didn't recommend that to me.

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Hehehe salamat tapos iwas stress no? Nastress kase ako about what the other oby said eh.Salamat huh 😊