Small baby at 20th week

Hi everyone, I am a 33yr old ftm and I just went for my 20th week detailed scan today and doctor informed us that baby is on the small side. (-1.85) I went for blood test to test for CMV and toxoplasmosis today. They recommended that I went for amnio but we didn't wanna do it because of the risk of miscarriage. We were told to go back again next week to check the blood flow from placenta to the baby. Is this normal? I'm so anxious and worried right now. ?

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Super Mum

Hey Mama, My baby was also on the small side. He was only 2.1kg at birth. We regularly checked blood flow from placenta and heart monitoring. Doctor was going to induce early to be safe but my water bag broke at 36+weeks. When baby came out, his umbilical cord was knotted, explaining the weight. I would advise to check on baby as regularly as possible and follow the lead of your gynae.

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hi how did ur baby do? my baby was also diagnosed with that.

1y ago

just that ours is 1 percentile. at minus -2.7

y don't do harmony (NIPT/NICE) test??

2d ago

NIPTit doesn't tell and cmv u can check from blood test in early of your pregnancy

Super Mum

Hi dear, how’s your baby doing now?