Ever since i am 4-5 months pregnant, i get warm easily and leads to excessive sweating. I am currently 4 months PP and is still sweating excessively, i am still breastfeeding. It gets very awkward when my clothes had sweat stain under my armpit. Any ways to stop excessive sweating? :(

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Sweating is the body's temperature regulatory mechanism. Reducing it would probably make you an even hotter mama babe. =) Sweating is good as it's also helping to remove water retention in your body that has yet to be removed during confinement. Suggest you try on those nursing tops with shoulder straps, tank tops or sleeveless tops. Nurse under good ventilated areas. Keep it cool mummy! Hydrate yourself too. Chill... =)

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Sweating excessive pre and post pregnancy is normal and increases when a mother is breastfeeding. Here are some ways you can try to cope with the discomfort: 1) Drinks lot of water. This will help flush out the postpartum water retention that contributes to the excessive sweating. 2) Wear comfortable clothes and if needed, sleep naked

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I sweat within seconds after a cold shower, i guess frequent shower and staying indoor as much as possible is the only thing that works for me. And drink plenty of water, so far I don't face water retention at 7 months and j hope it carry on till I pop!

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yeah sweating is normal. my wife is also hot! haha.. maybe if you feel uncomfortable might want to try out those deodorant by Nivea.