Does breastfeeding makes us sweat more excessively? i am already close to 7 months pp and i sweat easily.. even in cold aircon room.. it happens most of the time when I'm engaging a conversation with some one or when i started to panic or feel embarassed.... i felt so embarassed because my clothes under my armpit will be wet :(

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Typically, it is common for mummies to experience postpartum sweating. The pregnancy hormones are the cause of postpartum sweating. Your body is perspiring to get rid of the extra fluids accumulated during pregnancy that was used to nourish your baby. I've read that it tends to gradually goes away after a few weeks, but it could take longer for nursing mothers. To ease your discomfort, you can try: - applying talcum powder at the armpit area - drinking more water to ensure that you are well hydrated - having wet wipes or a small towel handy for a quick wipe in the toilet when needed I know it can be very uncomfortable but hang in there. Hopefully it will gradually return to normal.

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I didn't encounter that but I generally perspire quite a bit at the underarm area. You may want to try using Perspirex, it's the most effective antiperspirant I've used so far. Apply it at night before going to sleep and it will last for about 5 days.