East coast park is a great place to run with a stroller. I usually take a taxi to Jumbo and run back to town. Its flat, not too crowded at that side and has lots of shadow. What's your favourite place to run with a stroller?

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Just to share. I saw a stroller bike selling on Qoo10. Pretty interesting and healthy too! http://www.qoo10.sg/su/407460032

Quayside Isle, Sentosa Cove. A great stroll for families on the weekends. Beautiful vibes by the docks!

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Wow, Shuo Yang. that looks like a nice place to be out in the opens! Any cafe in the vicinity?

My husband used to take my kids to southern ridges to run with a stroller

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West Coast Park. Use the connectors, they're great. Great photo you got there.


Yeah I agree. The scenery is great and the terrain is pretty flat.


This is my favorite place to spend time with kids too.

West coast park is also a good place to explore..


Jurong lake is nice too!