During breastfeeding even when the baby is latching how do we know if he is actually taking in milk or just sucking on the nipple. The first 2 days i breastfed my NB and despite him latching properly it appears he was dehydrated as he did not urine for more than 12 hours as such had to resort to formula milk

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Super Mum

These 2 days you’ve been producing colostrum so you can’t really feel it yet, but once the milk comes in, you can actually feel the milk going out of your breast when baby sucks:) especially during the let down reflex. It’s perfectly fine to top up with some FM for now if baby’s really hungry:) but also keep latching on demand.. your milk supply should come in within the next 2 days, and you might feel engorged, so keep latching.

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Unfortunately now he doesnt wana latch. He will latch and let go after some time. And he is still hungry after latching. As such i had to give him formula milk and I think he is now confused with the bottle teat and the nipple


You can feel it. With proper latching there's sucking feel otherwise it's like ticklish feeling. Make sure you have to assist baby to latch on correctly. Maybe your milk haven't kick in too. Do you feel engorged?