FTS down syndrome test

Just got result for my FTS at KKH.. high risk.. not surprising given my age (over 35) and past miscarriages record. They can't find the nose bridge of baby and that makes the ratio 1:2 .. hoping for miracle stories from u guys.. trying to be positive here but.. 😔

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My baby’s nose bridge couldn’t be found as well. And after a second opinion with another doctor we decided to wait for detailed scan at week 20 to try find it again. I heard FTS and OSCAR has a lot of false positives! Are there Any other factors that cause your ratio to be high? Don’t worry mummy, stay healthy and positive :)

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1y ago

wow!! that's gd news!! I still need to wait till early aug for my 20 week scan.. hoping for gd news too!! thanks for the update though.. have an awesome weekend 😘

Hi mummy, i feel your worry.. i had high risk for FTS too. It helped me to try and not worry abt things i cannot control.. Have you done or are you planning to do NIPT? Pls take care 💜

1y ago

I am not planning to do any more tests.. because regardless wat happened I will still keep the baby coz I lost 3 previously.. Just that I would wanna healthy baby too 😣

hi just checking in the end your baby is ok?

3mo ago

hello! yes! she turns out to be a healthy little girl.. turning 5mths next week ☺️