Stretch marks

Does stretch mark cream work? I'm starting to itch a lot in my tummy area and I guess I obtained a few marks from scratching..

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I didn't use any stretch mark cream, but I'm using the body butter from the Body Shop

i don't like the taste of anmum can i take another brand of milk like bearbrand adult?

1y ago

Try Enfamama chocolate flavor. Dyan ako nahiyang sa lasa

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It will help to moisturise the skin and with the itch, but for marks maybe a little

not for me, use it and it got worse and it didn’t itch and i didn’t scratch it

Bio-oil is decent, but you need to apply before they appear to get maximum effect

Not for me.. Either I didn't use it dilligently or I gained tooooo much weight...

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it works if you apply at the first tri. have to be very hardworking in applying.


yes it works but my sense is you have to apply at early stage of pregnancy.

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To me, not really. Cause I still have stretch marks but it ease the itchy

Yes. Clarins works for me. Start using since first trimester