Uneven Hair

Does shaving my 5 month newborn hair solve the uneven growing of hair?

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I don't think it does. Baby's hair will need some time to even out. Although shaving it does help make it 'look' even. I did this when my son starting tugging at his hair at 3, 4 months. Once shaved, he tugged less, it looked more even then and now his hair seems to have grown out evenly at 16mo

it will even out aft they learn to crawl n sit as they won't be lying down all the time. my two boys got infant balding at the back of the head. so I just shave my 4 mth boy. my 2yo toddler now full head of even hair n grow super fast. same condition as his younger bro when bb time

It seems like it really depends on the baby’s own growth speed for this. But do everyone think it is ok to let it just grow on it’s own or cut it so that the hair is at least even. Thanks

No It doesn’t for my case.. I shaved my LO’s hair first time when she was 9 mths old n now after another 9 mths. It much longer but not even.

Not sure. I am willing to know about this.


it does for my baby.

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No, it does not.