Does anyone know where I can buy a baby wipes dispenser in Metro Manila? Been looking for one for so long!

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Not sure if malls have these but I think it's a kind of dispenser that's quite elusive hehe. How about this kind of reusable wipe cover? I think till will do the trick. Less bulk, less effort in transfering the wipes from the packaging to the dispenser. It doesn't also dries up the wipes. If you want to avail one, you can search Liquid Gold PH on Facebook :)

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Promo terbesar expert care sudah dimulai, diskon hingga Rp.100.000 sedang berlangsung di shopee, ada juga voucher diskon 100% alias gratis bagi bunda yang beruntung. Buruan cek di (id-6171)

If you want a clutch-type dispenser, try one from Huggies. I saw this at :)

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