newborn baby Acne

Hi, does anybody here have this type of newborn acne on their baby, what treatment did u use and how long does it last? My baby does have it on his cheeks and forehead and neck

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Just use luke warm water and clean face towel to wipe your baby's face after every feed and whenever necessary. It should go away soon after. Might be due to heat/perspiration etc. Alternatively you also can use baby oil to massage slightly before the wipe and bath.

My baby previously had it also because of the soap we use, u want to try using other brands? And also wipe with warm water and apply cream. That is what I do.. and it subside within 3 days but mine is only on forehead..

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Such a cute little baby! 😍 My baby also had newborn acne but it cleared on its own after 2/3 months. Just continue to keep baby’s face clean especially after drinking milk. And moisturise often.

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My baby had it. PD said it's quite common and just normal which might be on & off for upto 3-4 months. He suggested to put breast milk if possible or just let it be, it'll go on its own and it did!

Yes my baby had it all over the Face, neck,bump. It will go away in 3 months.. Nothing to worry.. Its very common

Hi my baby acne gone already,I bathe him everyday n use the cicastela by mustela,now it's gone, thanks for advice

2y ago

Oh that’s great❣️

Hi! Yes. My son had that and i used Celendula Remedy, Four Cow Farm and it works like magic.

Same. But it goes away on its own after a while without applying anything.

no need treatment. just ensure it is clean and it will go away in no time

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Just keep the area clean n use warm water to dap dry/clean the area

2y ago

Hi my baby acne now gone after I bathe him everyday n apply the cicastela cream from mustela