Do you drink maternal milk? Which brand are you currently taking?

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You've come to the right place! Here's what I've drank over the course of my pregnancy and now that I'm lactating: - Anmum (also available in Chocolate flavour) - Enfamama (also available in Chocolate flavour) - S26 Mama - Dumex Mamil Mama - Similac Mum - Frisomum Gold - Nestle Mom & Me My favourite would have to be Enfamama as it dissolves easily, is not clumpy and just nice for me. The worst one would have to be Nestle's Mom & Me. Even being the cheapo I am, I didn't like it one bit. It has a weird smell.

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4y ago

Hi, Like formula for children, the content in maternal milk supports the needs of pregnant women. If you're going to drink fresh milk, it might not have added nutrients

unfortunately Italy doesn’t have Maternal milk so i used to drink decaf with fresh milk. 😬 If you mommas living in Phils or in Southeast Asian countries you all lucky🙌😍


Cow milk is good enough