Maternal Milk

Hi Mummies. Can recommend which brand of maternal formula milk is good and taste nice?

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So far, I’ve tried 1)Similac Vanilla 2)Similac Strawberry 3)Anmum Chocolate 4)Dumex Mamil Mama And so far the one that taste ok to me is Dumex and Similac Vanilla

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1y ago

Shall try some samples and see which taste I prefer. After preggy taste buds is diff. Thanks for sharing.

I like Dumex Mamil mama taste, not too sweet and doesn’t have an iron taste. Price is ok too, less ex than other brands 👍

I’ve been drinking Dumex for 1st till now 3rd pregnancy. Tried similac but I didn’t like it.

I have always consume AnMum Materna Milk Chocolate. So yummy and ill drink it cold.

1y ago

Thanks. will try to out.

i can only take annum chocolate. the rest of the flavor i cnt take it

Personally only like frisomum vanilla.

I liked drinking Anmum chocolate.

I’m taking Bellamic Organic!