Is your Mosquito Repellents SAFE?

Did you know that the use of citronella and peppermint scents of mosquito repellents are to block and prevent mosquito to smell us? It is because mosquitoes rely mainly on their sense of smell to locate their prey. They are very attracted to what we exhale, the carbon dioxide, and to the warmth our body. It is also a fact that they are attracted a particular smell of sweat, which some people are prone to insect bites. 🦟 Most of these mosquito repellents have diethyltoluamide, known as DEET, which is a chemical substance that is the most effective used for insect repellent. However, it maybe harmful to our health WHEN IT COMES IN HIGHER CONCENTRATION (especially to our children which we can expect seizures as major adverse effect). It’s concentration is only associated with its duration of protection and not the effectivity. So in choosing a safe mosquito repellent, see to is that the product has a low concentration of DEET or has other alternatives that are very safe yet as effective as DEET such as Picardin. In my case, I use this patches for my baby because it is hypoallergenic and it avoids direct contact to her skin. It also comes in cute cartoon stickers which I love 🥰🥰🥰 Source: #Mosquitorepellent #SAFETY

Is your Mosquito Repellents SAFE?
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