I just want to share how God moves in our story from the very start. His grace is more than enough, that is why I believe that our story is written by God, not by human whom we called a fairytale. We are in the same church having the same circle of friends during our college days. We serve the Lord in our different ministries and doing discipleship in our home church. We are in a different school but we always meet in meetings for our youth organization name Youth on the Rock (YROCK). We have a different journey and when the time comes for us to meet, our purpose is indeed the same. He became my co-speaker, our heart's desire is to reach out and nurture the next generation in speaking, training, and imparting learnings in line with leadership, personality development, and values formation. Above all, it is by God's wonderful grace that we are being used in that field. As a couple, our mission is to fulfill our purpose together. We are a business partner having a simple farm in the province, and as we promised to each other we are made to serve the country with Jesus at the top of our priority. Praising Jesus for experiencing a blessed life with my husband. I thank the Lord for providing from day one up to the present. The beauty of waiting will manifest up to the next generations. Our love stories have their own perfect time because the Author has no record of wrong and that is our God. Indeed it is worth the wait. #TAPWriter #VIPParents #tapmom

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