To my Husband..

My dearest ???????, I know its not your birthday today, not even our anniversary or fathers day. But i just wanted to take a moment and tell you, I appreciate YOU. I see how hard you work for us to build and provide for our family. It must have been exhausting but you still manage to do chores. I appreciate when you get up early to make breakfast for me before I go to work because you don't want me to do things at home because of my pregnancy. And when i am having a tough day you are always there to listen to every complain and cries although i know you are probably going through something as well. But yet you still manage to encourage and give good advice to me. I know you may think these are just small things. But my point is that i see all you do and appreciate you. I am very proud of who you become and i pray that You will continue to let God mold you and direct you to the path He wants you to take?? You and our family are the best gifts i received from God ?? We love you always. ????? ???????? ?? ?? ? Love, ????? ??? ???? ? ? #?????????????????????????? ✨??

To my Husband..
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Happy birthday po.. Both of you are so lucky.

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