to my wife

dear wife, someday, when you see this, i hope you its me. have never thought of anyone other than you. my pillar of strength. My oxygen when i need, my laughter, my sadness everything that god has made. Baby, this pregnancy, has made me a better man, to love you with all my heart, to protect you with undying breath. To see you cry, to see you in pain, with the growing child, changed me to be a loving man. i love you my queen, my heart, my undying love.

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It is always great to see there are men who can understand and appreciate what women go through when carrying their child. Kudos!

I believe your wife would be really touched if you told her this directly :) Wishing all the best to you and your family!

This is really sweet. I hope your wife sees this. What a lucky woman. God bless :)

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You should share this with your wife. She would be so touched reading this.

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Thanks for sharing this touching message. I hope your wife read it. Cheers

This is so sweet. I hope you share this with your wife.

awwww....this is so sweeet. Congartz to the both of you!

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Awww i hope this will inspire more husbands our there!

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This is so very sweet and touching! Congrats papa!

so sweet. you will b a good father