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Dear parents, can you share what is the baby weaning schedule like ? What time to feed milk and what time to eat purée etc. my baby is going to be 6 months old .

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hi mummy there's 2 way of doing. 1. is to replaced 1 milk session for lunch. 2. is to feed lesser milk and give puree after just a small portion or give puree first and milk after. first you must know you're doing traditional weaning or blw or both. to start off I would recommend you to feed baby later morning after they wake up from their nap. why? some baby faces indigestion if fed during evening or night this will result to fussiness. some baby need milk to bed, worried might be too full. and also allergy issue time to react to it. here's a little guide on how to start hope it helps! https://www.instagram.com/p/CAcrS_gja9F/?igshid=14b98mornr409

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You can try the puree during your own meal times, so baby learns that everyone eats meals. Won’t take much at first though, so still primarily relying on milk feeds. There’s an upcoming seminar on weaning I think (“The weaning formula”?), but otherwise, it’s a gradual cutting down of milk and increasing of solids that you can experiment with

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Can start off with breakfast between 8-10am depending on baby sleep pattern. It can be cereal and milk. Introduce other purée slowly. Lots of iron and nutrients in cereal. Easy to digest also. Milk wise, if bottle fed, can be 1.5-2 hours interval. If latch, latch on demand.

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And also read up on baby rice, saw some research a few years back that it's actually not much nutrition and not suitable for babies.. for me, we pureed lots of vege and fruits, hardly had porridge etc, cos I was raising on my own without grandparents, so no porridge lol