Dear all mummy to be.. can we still use perfume?

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could not "tahan" the smell of most perfumes and deodorants. Plus I decided to switch to organic deodorants. Much better choice. After giving birth, baby loves cuddling, and loves natural body smell. U can get some pretty good deo from iherb, like Dr organics for example.


Of course. It just depends on how your hormones respond to fragrance. Some pregnant women are too sensitive and can’t take the scent of perfumes, but if you are ok, go wear perfumes by all means

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I stop after knowing I’m pregnant. But if you are ok with the smell (as in not sensitive towards smell) you may still put on

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Advisable not to use as the chemicals in perfume may be harmful to fetus development during pregnancy.

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I stop using when I know I’m pregnant. I can’t stand any strong smell now and it just made me gag

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I would personally choose to avoid as 'fragrance' contain a lot of unknown chemicals

I totally stop. Just to be safe than sorry...

Try to use something organic

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better not