Possible to get pregnant 1 month postpartum?

Just give birth to my baby one month ago. Is it still possible to get pregnant 1 month pp? My birth "period" / blood just cleared a couple days ago and waiting for my period to come. Not sure if I'm very fertile at this stage as from what i heard after u get your first pp period you will be very fertile. I have no family planning back up yet for now as I couldn't take my previous contraceptive as I'm actively breastfeeding. Wouldn't want to get pregnant for now as I want to focus on my first born. #1stimemom #firstbaby #pleasehelp #advicepls #pregnancy

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Super Mum

Yup it’s definitely possible to get pregnant before your first PP period. Perhaps refrain from sex while you’re still recovering from birth? And it’ll also give you some time to get back into the regular cycle so you can at least predict your ovulating days.

9mo ago

It depends on when you ovulate and that is hard to gauge. Chances are as high as any other month.