Breastfeeding Woes

Hi Mummies, I have inverted nipples that have never come up even with stimulation. I’m very early in my pregnancy now (6 weeks) but I just wanna be prepared as soon as I can. What are some products that you guys would recommended for breastfeeding (pump, shield, etc)? I see many mummies saying their failed with baby #1 but more successful with #2 and #3. I’m only planning to have 1 baby so I can’t afford to let it fail the first time round 😖😣 Also, can share some tips for inverted nipples too if you have experienced it yourself?

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Super Mum

Hi mama, I hear that you’re worried about having inverted nipples and how it may affect your breastfeeding journey. To begin, congratulations on your LO. I also just want to affirm you that evidence has shown that mothers who have inverted nipples are able to successfully breastfeed. The tip here is that we don’t nipple feed - baby needs to take a large part of the nipple together with the areola. Yes the nipple has outlets for milk to come through but all that’s needed is a bit of coaxing and you’ll probably be fine. With regards to the preparations that you could make in these early months, you could contact an IBCLC - who is the gold standard of lactation consultants - and have a season. She would be able to teach you how you can breastfeed and how to manage this well before you birth your baby. Having this knowledge and preparation may help to put your worries at ease. I strongly believe in mothers preparing for their journey early on so well done and kudos to you for thinking about this so early on. You go strong mama!

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