Breakfast ideas for 8+ month baby

Dear mummies, would you help to suggest breakfast ideas for 8+ month baby, other than cereal what else can I serve? TIA 🙏🏻

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Super Mum

Baby oat cereal + pureed fruit, or if too lazy I give the food pouch she can eat by herself 😋

There are so many great options in the recipe feature on this app.. very easy ones that too!

i used to make overnite oats, healthy breakfast muffins, toast & oats / cheese pancakes.

2y ago

Thank you! May I know what type of cheese do you use for the pancake?

Super Mum

Plain/greek yogurt made from whole milk and not milk solids. Toast. Steamed egg.

Super Mum

I also give things like yoghurt+prune puree, banana, baby bites, baby pasta, etc

2y ago

I’m using Heinz baby pasta and Greek yoghurt (plain) that I buy from the supermarket. But I think any brand is fine:)

Mashed potato with yogurt, pureed fruits, puree mix of different fruits

2y ago

Thank you! May I know which brand of yogurt and flavor do you recommend?

overnight oats, yogurt, bread

2y ago

Thank you! May I know which brand of yogurt do you recommend and for bread, which type and how do you serve to baby?

Toast ... With peanut butter

2y ago

Those without sugar . 100% peanut butter