My LO of 8months poop very hard stool eveyday. She takes a lot of effort to force it out. The colour of the poop is very dark brown almost black. She is on solid and one intake of formula milk at night. She is still on breastmilk on the day. Please advise is this normal. Thanks

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I thought my boy's poop was black but I brought to pd it's a very dark shade of green. So as long as not black it's ok. It is likely to be the food that u have been feeding her. The solids and the fm will cause the poop color to be darker generally and if it contains iron or of the more green kind, more likely to be greenish. Carrot and potato will be more orange / brown. So it really depends. As for very hard stools, maybe u wanna feed baby more water? I add it to the solids, I let baby drink some water during and after solids, and the fm I will put 10ml more water then the recommended vol of water. Then s*** is not so hard. But my baby is mostly on fm and solids, so since urs is more bm, u can just up the water slightly since bm have quite a bit of water

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Hi my gal has the same problem but it only started after I switched her to stage 2 formula. She eats solids twice a day and still drinks 6x milk a day. I have tried to give her water and papaya but for the past three weeks her poo is very very hard. The color is not black though, is usually green or yellowish brown. My mil says it is normal to have such hard stools once they start eating more solids and t takes time for their digestive system to get used. I am also going my gal probiotics in the morn already but still like this. Am going to try yogurt tomorrow, hope that helps to soften the poo

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8y ago

Ya from now on if she has constipation I need to see a doc to get Med. Constipation will increase her risk of UTI . Let's hope they poo normally from now on!

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