Dads, comfortable ba kayo bigyan ng smart phone ang isang three-year-old? Or is it okay to wait when they're a little older?

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I think the occasional usage of a smartphone for toddler is okay in very sparing amounts. I've heard screentime should be nearly non-existent for 2-year-olds, but a little screen stimulation (measured in minutes) won't do too any harm to your toddler. I've never heard of any radiation problems, as I'm seeing on this thread, but I can imagine overexposure can cause some form of developmental problems. Just be cautious and present whenever allowing them to fiddle around with the gadget for a few minutes.

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Answering on behalf of my hubby. Not comfortable because letting your child use smart phone at an early age means exposing him to radiation and it may cause poor eyesight. Instead, I will let him use toys that are appropriate for his age and the kind of toys na magdedevelop or mageenhance ng coordination skills niya.

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No. There are many other activities you can do with a three year old. Giving him/her a smart phone will only cause the child to miss out on playing with mom and dad or interacting with other children.

My partner prefers not to. We all know that early gadgets exposure may lead to more harm than good. Lots of studies out there blame gadgets pag dating sa developmental problems.