Currently using Mamy Poko size S but im interested in trying Merries or Moony. Any parents here care to share their size S sizing in comparison to Mamy Poko? And do they have good coverage? Thanks!

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merries & mamy poko is the same size. dryers, pamper & huggies is abit smaller. for absorption, i prefer mamy poko & merries and they are the softest. next is pamper, then huggies, last is dryers. going to try moony next. above is all size S for my 3mth old twins

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All about the same - we have tried Huggies, Mamy Poko, Merries, Moony, and Pampers, size S. Don't find a huge difference between any of them frankly.

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Agree with Hui Ting, Merries is the biggest of the 3. Mamy Poko the smallest

I recommend GOON Japan Version.. Is soft and super comfortable.. My baby loves it! You can purchase at Qoo10 and look at the review.. Or Lazada..

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Size wise is much bigger and wider than Huggies.. After hearing positive feedback on Goon JP version I bough it.. I'm glad the texture is very soft and comfortable to feel.. Btw I switch during M size.. Fyi before that is using Huggies..

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Don't have anymore stock of moony or pampers - but here's mamypoko, Merries and Huggies - all size S. :)

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I find Merries bigger than Mamy Poko, n softer.

u can request for samples to try on the sizes if unsure.