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Currently Im at 18 Weeks and is it normal not to feel the baby move?? And what week will we feel... This is my 2nd pregnancy... the 1st pregnancy... I didnt manage to feel moved and contractions...

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Its called quickening not kicking. U only can feel real kicking late 2nd tri. I only felt quickening once at 16weeks. But if ure not really focus on it u might think gas/bubble in stomach. Plus first pregnancy usually feel later. You shouldnt be worry too much about the kicking now, only need to think about it when doct ask you to start counting.

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totoo yun dmo talga pa sya mararamdman ngaung mag5 months k plang naramdaman si baby.. excited din kasi... at nagwoworried lam ko ganun din nararamdman m... wait m nlang...

16 weeks pregnant and I can feel the movement of my baby. Even before, I think it started when I was in 14th week.

2y ago

Same ❤️

ako din po paunti unti lang nararamdaman ko ganoon ba talaga yun normal man baby ko last prenatal ko sabi doctor

16 weeks and right at this moment I just felt my baby's first movement ❤

16th week pregnant and I am not feeling the movement too

4 to 6 montha mafefeel ang kicks ni Baby..that is what we call "quickening"

Yes. Usually will start to feel after week 20

3y ago

Hopefully I can feel it... This time at 18 weeks... I dun gain weight and my baby bum doesnt show much. .

Usually 20 wks and above, u can start to feel the kicking

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sa akin po is , Wala po talaga akong naramdaman 😢