Drinks recommendations?

Constantly feeling thirsty on my first trimester but water don’t taste good. Any drinks to recommend?

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if can't stand water, i usually put half half. like half juice half water to give it sligt sweet taste. sour stuff helps so i usually use powerberries no sugar and water together.

I used to have lukewarm water during my first trimester as room temperature water made me nauseous. Somehow worked for me. All will get better in your second trimester🙂

Can try Ribena or 100plus if you really can’t stomach plain water. Do take in moderation though as these have high sugar content.

Add a slice of lemon in your water! Else adding a few ice cubes worked for me as I couldn’t take room temperature or warm water.

I too am in my 1st trimester. I drink iced water or hot water. Room temperature water makes me nauseous. Coconut water helps too.

milk coz calcium is important during pregnancy. then water with a slice of lemon which is said to help relieve nausea…


Drinks that make you happy! I love sweet drinks in my first trimester.

Warm water and honey lemon worked for me in first tri!


often took berries to clear taste in my mouth