Hi all, is it a concern that our kid won't pick up English from preschool cos we are not speaking English but mostly Mandarin at home?

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Agree with Samantha. To get them to pick up a language, they need to be speaking it regularly. Do speak to them in English as well at home! If it is hard to have one parent converse in English and the other in Chinese, choose "English days" and "Mandarin days". Example, Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun the family speaks English and tues, Thurs, Sat Mandarin! :)

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Hi mummy, how long has your child been in preschool? And how many hours daily? To pick up languages, you need to use it often so if you would like your child to pick up English, the child has to be exposed and immersed in that environment. One way of doing it is having one parent speak in English and the other in Mandarin. I know it may be difficult in the beginning but keep to this arrangement and in time, your child will know to converse to each parent in that language. Good luck!

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