baby not feeding well

Hi Community! My baby is 6 month old, going 7month. Recently, we pull her out of infant care and hired a helper to help take care of my baby at home, due to work related reasons. My baby used to be drinking well at about 160ml of breast milk. Recently, she is very fussy about her milk, and take a few feeds to drink 160ml. Sometime, she does not finish her milk. She does have one meal of solids at night (90ml of puree food) I am kinda worried of her milk intake. Is it because she it teething? Or because she is fussy about my helper? Please help! Thank you!

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It could be. Look for the signs for teething. Drooling , fever, no appetite etc Lo is not use to new helper so will takes time. Don’t worry. Can actually pause for awhile n u let lo drink again. try n error.

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