Is it common to switch gynae?

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I Guess it depends on the reason. If you don’t feel comfortable with your current gynae, I don’t see why not. But it takes a while to getting used to your gynae so I wouldn’t recommend changing unless necessary.


Usually woman will Choose an ob-gyne that they are comfortable with and whom they trust. This takes time to develop so switching ob-gyne should not be a common thing.

Depends on which stage of the prenancy you are.Try to look at factors like distance, the communication you have with the doc also.

Ya.. if u dont feel comfortable with his/her style.. y not? Never too late for changes so long as you are comfortable

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depends on which week, in early weeks still ok, but at later stages some gynae will refuse

Depends on why u wanna switch. Example: Comfort level

For the first trimester, i went to 3 different gynae

Yes Settle for the one u are most comfortable with


Which week are you in. Can I ask why you're switching?

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Hi, in my first trimester, wanted to choose somewhere near

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Ya. Y not.. if money is not a problem