My coming to 21 months girl is afraid of noises. To the extend of me calling out my 7 yo boy from my room to the living room, she would just jump up and panic and cry and say she is scared. Some times when she is taking her nap , someone comes home and call for someone, she would also wake up and panic. We are quite sure that she wasnt scare by anything in her life. What can we do to help her overcome this issue ?

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Have you considered if your girl has hypersensitivity to certain noises? My elder girl has since young been very sensitive to loud noises - like the cymbals of a lion dance troupe, fireworks, and the likes. But the fun loving nature of her helped in a way to overcome this by not being distressed as she grows older, but instead she learns to cope with it. We helped her along by telling her in advance what to expect. We reminded her that she can cover her ears, or we could leave if she really couldn't stand it. 7 years old now, she still has anxiety over loud noises, but she's now learnt how to manage it better. She didn't want to avoid expected louder places either, because she couldn't bear to miss the fun! We have come a long way with her and one of the earlier things we did when she was younger, was introduced white noises to her when she slept. Somehow white noises calmed her during her naps and she was less startled if rudely awakened by any unexpected loud noises. You may want to try it too? Be more conscious of her reactions and always be assuring but not negating her anxiety because they are real. If you Google sensory processing issue (particularly noises in your girl's case) you will find many resources as to how to better cope or overcome the anxiety. Some good tips from this website but I'm not sure if these work for your girl as much as they did for mine. Do consider:

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Does she have a "security" toy or object? I had a security blanket growing up and it supposedly protects me from everything scary. I know now it's not an actual security item but back then it made me feel safe. You could get her a soft toy and tell your daughter that it will keep her safe.

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My gal used to be like that too. I find her to be lacking of confidence therefore she's timid. Constant reassurance helps. I will tell her that it's ok mommy' here there's nothing to be afraid of etc. A security item like favourite pillow/toys helps too.

Carters has a little security blanket for sale which comes in 2 designs. Can consider. However, a better solution is to talk to her or even show her what the noises are. After a while, she will grow out of it.

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Try to have some noise (radio/TV) in the room she nap in to let her get used with noise. Once she is used to the usual noises in the house, she will be able sleep better even with noises.

Yes agree with others parent that you may get her favourite pillow and on radio/smoothing music when she is asleep. Try to bring her out more frequent to get use of the noise too.

i guess she needs a companion example a teddy which she loves.U can let her hold it and also can talk to her if shes afraid juz hug teddy..

maybe a get her favourite pillow or favourite push toys for her to hugs & sleep.

Thanks ladies for the input . i will try to get something for her.