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My child has been drinking friso since birth. Now she is 4 yrs plus still on formula milk. Decline fresh milk. I just bought friso 4FL , now she decline to drink it. I m so stressed up dont know wat to do. Can anyone advise me

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Is there a change in taste? I suggest slowly introducing her to the new formula by mixing it with the old one. Like maybe 4 scoops old formula and 1 scoop new formula. Then when she is getting used to it, changed it to 3 scoops old and 2 scoops new. My girl also grow up drinking Friso. I see that the enhanced formula seems better as it is focused on good gut health and good poop. You can read up on their improved formula to see their benefits. I will say slowly slowly introduce don't give up!

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2y ago

I saw shopee some sellers still selling old version. You can stock some and slowly let her transit. Or you can contact Friso to seek their advice!

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Maybe slowly introduce. And at different places/timing too. If your child has older siblings, try asking older sibling to drink the milk together. My toddler always follow what her siblings eat/drink :)

My daughter also refused formula milk at 5 years.

2y ago

don’t give milk if they don’t like it, if u find a need to then give supplements instead