My 3 yrs old toddler is used to drink formula milk now. But i was told that he can drink UHT or freah milk instead... anyone know which milk is better for him? Formula/Fresh milk / UHT? Thanks in advance!

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Like what Racheal mentioned, some of my friends opted to "transit" their children to fresh milk when their children are eating well. Their children are getting an adequate amount of nutrients from their regular meals. Hence, milk just act as a good source of calcium. It helped them save some money as toddler formula is not cheap. Some of them, however, continued with formula as their children are picky with their food and giving formula give my friends a peace of mind knowing that their children are still getting the required nutrition for growth. With regard to what type of milk to give, I found this article quite informative: The general guide suggested by the website for milk suitable for children are: - Whole milk (not reconstituted). - Pasteurized. Not double pasteurized or UHT. - Non homogenized. - From grass-fed cows, failing that, pasture-raised cows (not grain fed or slop fed, although no company will include that information on the label anyway). - Hormone free - Antibiotic free Hope this helps!

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thanks !

At the age of 3 years old, they are able to get most of their nutrients from solid food. If he is eating well at solid, you do not need to specially introduce milk in his diet but ensure he is having taking green leafy vegetables/tofu for his calcium need. For my 4 year old girl, i have been giving her oat milk, breastmilk, fresh cow milk or fresh goat milk or some plant based milk. But mainly she prefer breastmilk and oat milk.

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Thanks !

Definitely give fresh milk Formula has higher sugar I started switching to fresh milk 3 weeks ago Child is 2.5 years old Gave him Arla Organic milk as it has no antibiotics and pesticide.

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FM is high sugar, leading to cavities, and poor appetite for normal meals. Fresh milk or UHT, as long as full cream is fine.

You can give fresh milk. Ideally you could have started after 1yr old.

UHT more convenient, can bring everywhere. Fresh milk is more natural

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Try UHT milk cause it’s convenient