Going to be mummy of 2 but child is going 1 year old

Hi, my child is going 1 year old soon and I just found out that I’m pregnant again. Wasn’t prepared for it but my main concern is does anyone here encountered the same thing and your child is very active. What should I do?

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me. got preg when my boy was 12.5 mths. he was learning to walk during then n with my bad morning sickness.. I employed a helper to assist in housework n feeding of food for my 1st born.. I cant stand food smell... but my boy goes to my parents place everyday with my helper when I work. now my eldest is 27.5 mths n super active n rough. n my 2nd boy us 8 mths.. super tough. ultra tiring especially when I'm back in office everyday plus breastfeeding..

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this happens to me! my #1 was 13months when I was preggie. I would suggest u consider sending your #1 to preschool when he/she is 18 months. So he can learn things and interact people at school, at the same time u can have some sanity.