2nd child birth within 2 years after c-section

It’s been 1 year and 4 months since my c-section delivery.... I just found out I’m 1 month pregnant... is it going to be alright to deliver my second baby after/within 2 years? ??

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check with your gynae ask for a scan to make sure everything is fine. I have a friend who has 2 pregnancy c sec 1yr 5 months apart.


Congrats. If the scar is healing good, then no issue. Can discuss with your gynae on vbac if u are keen.

Congratulations again! Yes it should be fine. Just take your gynae's advise as well on this

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If ur scar has healed and recovered well then no issue but best to confirm with gynae.

During my previous pregnancy, my gynea told me 6 months is good enough. BTW congrats!

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It's fine but very likely you will need to have a C-section again. Congrats!

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Yes it’s prefectly fine! Congratulations 💐

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Yes, it’s perfectly fine. Congrats

yes ... congratulations