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Hi, just checking what is your dosage of folic acid? Im 6w2d. Did my first check up today coz im having some spotting. Doc said it might be implantation. He gave me duphaston and want to give me folic acid. Told him i have multi vits that have folic acid (holland and barrett's ultra women) he said i can take that multi vitamins so he nv give folic acid.can u share with me your dosage of folic acid?

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Super Mum

The usual folic acid tablets on their own contain 5mg I think. But that’s way more than required. Your supplements should be adequate. You can also eat foods with natural folic acid (can google that 😊) so you don’t have to take so many tablets

3y ago

Thank you

5mg daily. U should take doc advice as normal supplements dosage not high enough. U can double check against your supplement. Was previously taking Blackmores Conceive Well but showed my gynae and he pointed out the dosage was too little.

I stopped taking the other prenatal supplements I bought from the drugstores and only took the folic acid from my gynae. The dosage is 5mg.

Same. When I told my dr my multivitamins had folic acid, he didn’t prescribe for me additional. Just trust your dr!

3y ago

Your multvitamins may not have sufficient dosage of folic acid. Do check. Usually the OTC supplements are very Low in folic acid content, not anywhere 5mg

5 mg 1 tablets per day

Super Mum

5mg for me