Can you clean baby's ears?


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If younger than 1yr - better don’t touch their ears as they are still developing. (Some of 0-12 months babies were found that their listening skill is not good as usual by observing their movement/reaction/eye-contact/screaming .etc) - so it will be great to not touching inside but clean the outside area with clean water ***I did help my younger brother clean his ears deeply when he’s 3 years old to 7/8 years old since our family doctor told us he got “hardened cerumen” - need regularly clean it with proper process

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Can. I use moist cloth to clean my lo ears since first month during bathing time. This will clear away the dirt accumulated around the ears. So far no problem. Just wring the cloth to make sure no dripping water can go into the baby ears.

Only the outer ear and you should never stick anything inside a child's ear (like cotton buds). If you think there's a lot of dirt inside your baby's ear, take him or her to the paed, who'll clean it properly.

no I don't think it's a good idea, you might accidentally punctured your baby's ear drum. please see the PD for this (honestly you don't really have to clean their ears yet...)

It isn't completely necessary. You can clean your baby's outer ear with a soft wet cloth. Other than that, I've read that it is unnecessary to clean the innter ear.

Just clean the outer ear gently. Its not safe to use cotton swabs or to stick anything inside your baby’s ears :)

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Not necessarily, maybe after bathe, use the towel to wipe through. Dont dig the ear

Yes can. Just use a moist clean cloth to wipe the ears gently during bathing time.

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Preferably not. I asked before it’s self-cleansing.

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Yes i think so but with precaution and soft earbuds