Can share french macarons recipe? Is it really hard to make one?

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I love baking macarons and they are fairly easy to make, in theory, and not too many ingredients involved. But they are soooo temperamental and the success (or failure) of baking these gems have alot to do with the humidity of where you're baking. Here's a website that discusses the topic and proposes some tips that you can try since Singapore's humidity can be out of this world at times.

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I am using this recipe: It is quite easy but make sure to let the piped macarons to stand for 15-30 minutes so that they will have the "feet". Let the macarons sit after baking to set so that they will not fall apart.

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Here's a brilliant step by step guide that i used: I have personally used this recipe to make macaroons for my kid's birthday party and it was a hit!

I'm not much of a baker but this recipe was fairly easy for me! It takes less than half an hour! :)

I'd like to believe it'd easy but I messed up the recipes twice. You can check out the recipe here:

Here you can find easy way to make French Macrons: