Can anyone please recommend good sleep specialists in Sinagpore. My little one is having night terrors and I need to consult a doctor to make sure it's nothing serious.

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You can try the Baby Sleep Fairy, Tammy Fontana. She has been featured in local media and television shows for the work she does. Ms Fontana does not provide medical advice but rather, she guides parents on their sleep options for their children after determining that they are non-medical sleep issue(s). However it is advisable that parents see their pediatrician to rule out any physical problems that may be interfering with their child’s sleep. As most sleep issues are not medical problems but rather behavior problems that can be a combination of children and parent interaction during bedtime, Ms Fontana has done extensive research on sleep and different methodologies to address sleep issues. Parents will be then be guided on the best option for their family to deal with their child’s sleep issue. For those interested, Ms Fontana has a upcoming workshops which you can learn more about here:

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