Shortness of breath

Dear Mummies, i’m only 8 weeks in pregnancy. But last night, I experienced the worst symptoms which was shortness of breath. I’ve been having trouble breathing a little (knowing it’s one of the symptoms) but last night, I couldn’t sleep & it feels like someone is sitting on my chest. Yes it was that bad. I had to hug myself and forcefully close my eyes to sleep. Please help. Is this normal? 😢

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I had the same experience too when I was around that same time in pregnancy. I really understand your situation coz it was that bad till sometime I even cried and fall asleep while sitting down on my bed while hugging my pillow, also while trying to catch my breath slowly. It often happened almost every night for me when I was going to bed or just about to enter my lala land up till the point that I have fear to sleep coz I'm afraid if something wrong and unexpected can happen. Not sure what was the cause behind it, had never ask anyone or even consult a doctor regardimg this but THANKFULLY PRAISE TO ALLAH after some time when you are entering 2nd trimester, you will get the normal peaceful and relaxing sleep at night. Not sure if it's normal for early stages of pregnancy coz it doesn't really make sense when our baby bump have not even appear much or at all, but we already had shortness of breath? However, it happens but will just go away when you slowly entering 2nd trimester.

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Hi mummy Huda! Same for me. As for my case, I went to o&g at kkh the next morning and found out there was a sudden drop of blood pressure for me. Was admitted bc of heart palpitations and was at 16w of pregnancy. Doctor suggested for iron tablets & maybe keep a lookout of cigarette smoke as she knows my household has a lot of smokers. Do monitor if it worsens, and you’re concerned just go and have a check :)

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2mo ago

Thank you!!! 🙏🏼

Constant breathless might be a symptom of low iron levels. It was for me when I was having my 3rd bb. Even when lying down sleeping also breathless. But was also breathless but iron level fine in my 4th pregnancy. Every pregnancy is different. But if it is so bad that it bothers you, just check it out with the doc

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hi! its a common symptom for me, especially in my 1st trimester.. even just going up 2-3 steps or lying on ny side I would suddenly feel breatheless! if it bothers you a lot affects your sleep or daily life, best to inform your doctor at your next visit

hi there! shortness of breath is a common symptom in pregnancy but if you're experiencing bad chest tightness, I feel like its best to consult your doctor. You can try to sit upright, relax and regulate your breathing and see if it helps.

it is normal, i had to sleep almost upright and put some vicks on my nose when i sleep during my 1st trimester .. its gone by the 2nd week of my 2nd trimester ..

pretty much normal, many say last trimester will be more breathless or something.. just try to sit and rest whenever need to catch a breath

I think, it’s heartburn. My gynae prescribed me Gaviscon to ease this problem. Maybe you can try. May you get better soon.

yes it’s normal..

I had that too