Do you bring your baby to wedding dinner? Is it too loud for them?

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I brought baby to wedding dinner twice. When he was 3 months plus & 5months old. Itz e yumseng part. My boy cried very loudly when he was 3mths old. The 2nd time we went, i covered both his ears & he didnt cry. Some wedding dinners even hv party poppers when e bride & groom walked into e hall. If u r afraid tat ur child will be scared, u can wait outside e hall till e process is over. U can choose to try it out though. How old is ur baby?

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6y ago

Dun worry too much. Let ur LO experience all kinds of events to build up their boldness. It wont be awkward. Ppl will understand. When LO cries, juz carry her out. I would say, dun miss out on weddings as itz a great opportunty to 'show off' ur LO to ur relatives & frenz!

It depends on the age of the baby and the environment. My best friend for example told us that is she gets married she doesn't want kids. I won't worry abut the "loud" issue, I mean we go outside everyday with the baby unless the wedding takes place in a disco 馃槀

I think there鈥檚 no problem bringing your child there but make sure you always aware with your child behaviour. Dont wait to long if your child seems to be not comfortable. Well, people will always understand with your condition with baby

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I brought my boy 2x . When he was 1+ mth n 7+mth. 1+ mth he was ok. 7+ mth he was actually a little scare by the yum Seng and I got to cover his ears for him

I have a wedding banquet coming up in October, my baby girl will be 6mos by then. I am still hesitant whether or not to bring her.

yes i brought my baby to a few wedding dinners already! not really, if it gets too loud, can jus leave the ballroom for awhile